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  • Writer's pictureKatie Kemp


When did you lose your delight?

You used to dance through the fields,

Filling your lungs with sky

For no purpose other than

Allowing joy to surge through your limbs.

When did you forget about the

Beauty in being free to be you?

Others opinions

Now weighing you down,

Dear one, within you is a never-ending treasure hunt

Meant to be found.

When did you forget prayer is the breath in your lungs?

Like a cat splayed out in the sun,

Or the earth as it longs for rain,

The darkest of night can remind you again how to pray.

The sun returns even if the night has nothing to say.

Is prayer meant to be the same?

What took away your song?

What courage a bird has to

Open her throat to let out her voice

What courage a wolf has to howl at the moon

Even if it’s a lonely cry, it hasn’t forgotten to yearn.

What is in you even if hidden

That you could let out in surrender?

When did you forget to spend time on yourself?

Responsibilities you're unwilling to let go of,

Weighing you down

If you’re holding it all or not, remember

The world will still go round.

When did you lose your desire?

Was it one too many disappointments

Tricking your heart to disbelief?

Move beyond those shallow places

Draw from a deeper well to find relief.

When you see a sunset that takes your breath away,

When you observe the seasons change

Spring will happen inside you too

Amnesia of your truest self can be

Forgotten too.


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