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Bridgette and Will's Wedding



mind, entwined

Some say it would take for the stars to be aligned.

For there never has been and never will be

The combination like the two of you in holy matrimony.

Your love story this far has been so inspiring.

After all,

it is God’s call

you put above people pleasing.

You waited for this dream to become a reality,

We all gather as your witness our hearts full of glee, we celebrate!

For you found in each other your perfect soulmate.


The way you compliment one another

It’s as if you’re Sugar and cream

An aged wine with cheese

Or a putter on the green

A man with a bun

and a girl with hipster glasses just for fun.


The artist and peacemaker it’s an enneagram dream pairing.

The love song y’all sing, we can’t keep from staring.

Even with all of this true, no matter how perfectly you’re made for eachother

We know life is not easy and you’ll weather storms together.

So when you hit that bump on the road

face the problem

not each other

You’ll have the choice to draw near when you want to pull away.

Staying open is hard work, but there’s blessing when you stay.

God’s pulling for you to learn His rhythm of love

These vows you commit need endurance from above.

You are his covenant of love in human form,

This is why He sees marriage as a fight worth fighting for.

Those corners, those places tucked deep inside,

The stories in you you’d rather hide

Those are the exact places God gently goes after

He’ll use your marriage to write a new chapter

Allow yourself to unravel and become undone,

He’ll put you back together with his perfect love.


Iron sharpens iron, you two will be a threat

For this match made in heaven, all of hell will fret


God has big dreams for you to dream

More than you could ask or imagine.

So when you lay your head down next to each other at night

Let your dreams be wild, let them take flight

The whole world is your playground a grand adventure

Grab hold of each other on this journey together


Already you’re living on Purpose, on Mission

Now next to your best friend you’ll have God’s clear vision

Of the invitation

to live out your best life


We celebrate you as husband and wife!


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