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Holy Flames

There’s a system,

Causing women

To run the rat race.

Fixated on keeping a pretty face,

As we fix our thighs, abs, and waists.

What have you tried to contain?


Pretend that you're perfect,

Is there ever an end game?

We’ve bought the lie

That our power lies

In how desirable we are.

We’ve been told

Our own pleasure is scandalous

But the scandal

Is keeping us chained.

Woman, when was the last time you really let yourself


What is it you want?

(We barely know our own needs)


We play small

Forgetting the fact we’re all queens.

Listen dear daughter,

Awake oh sister,

Arise! And shine for your light has come.

Dare to dream, take up space

Your longings can’t be erased.

You’re not too late,

The time has come

For you to take your place.

What is it you want?

What’s been calling your name?

What brings you to life?

What can’t be contained?

Pay attention,

Find the spark,

The movement inside.

Desire is the holy flame

We cannot risk to hide.

1 Comment

Jan 23, 2021

WHEW! This is a war cry + hymn all bound up as one. Thank you for what all it took friend for you to call this forth from yourself. It was like the blast of a sabbathing shofar of redemption + resistance.

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