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Creating a Safe Space

Friend, tell me about your cracked open places,⠀ Your not so shiny places.⠀ The places where you’ve been brought to your knees, ⠀ The don’t know where up is ⠀ places.⠀ Share with me your triumphs,⠀ Your beauty and uniquely made-by-God-places.⠀ And I’ll show you mine.⠀ Let’s make a safe place, ⠀ Where we value our differences as they expand us,⠀ Find the humanity that unites us.⠀ Let’s make a welcoming space.⠀ Where we build each other up, share our burdens,⠀ Draw each other toward-redemption-space. ⠀ Not a correcting space, but a, “I hear you.” space.⠀ Not a complaining space,⠀ But a shouldering burdens so you can remember ⠀ To-take-heart ⠀ space.⠀ Your glory takes nothing from mine space⠀ It enhances the God colors ⠀ And we’re about making them shine, space. ⠀ It’s in these fractals we see more of what God’s design is;⠀ A delighting, insisting, with-us in the mess and glory space.⠀


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