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Perfect in form

Yet robbed of her soul.

Flawless skin but left

Empty within.

Echo of the creator

Yet can’t see her self worth.

She thinks her power is seduction

But it is simply a reduction.

Validation from somewhere out there

Won’t ever be enough.

Her value cannot be measured:

Not even stars could count it

Or miles could cross it.

Certainly likes or followers won’t prove it.

If only she had eyes to see the value inside.

There would be no more reasons to strive.

Attention and belonging would be hers from her maker.

Not a counterfeit of what our culture can give her.

The who that she is

was spoken at creation.

And that worth is intrinsic,

Her purpose then, unmistaken.

She is me and she is you, we’re in this together friend.

We’re here to repair an identity that’s surely been broken.

Made in our mother’s womb, we are

Flawless in form.

God saw a deficit in the world,

so he willed us to be born.

We are here out of love,

Yet, not everyone will see it.

We must own our worth & believe it.

They say beauty is fleeting, so who is the you that will last?

Jesus showed us God’s heart- going after the outcast.

That same Love pursues us, looks us straight in the eyes,

Tells us we are known as heaven’s prize.

This Love is too vast to comprehend.

The one that flung galaxies, holds us in the palm of his hand.

He’ll show you that even these ashes can,

be made into beauty in his glorious plan.

We’ll find our radiance until every last little girl cries,

“I am made perfect in my Fathers eyes.”



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