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Marriage Poem

At first love, its intoxicating.

You put on your best face when you’re dating.

And you can’t get your lover out of your mind.

You’re dying to see them one more time,

Your bodies, longing to learn how to rhyme.


Infatuation though wears off as it always does,

And you’re left in the struggle of choosing to love.

Choosing to press in when you want to revert.

Choosing to show up when you’ve been hurt.


Yet God’s in the middle of two becoming one.

And weathering storms is just the beginning of true love.

The heartache He takes to gloriously break us.

Our hearts open wide so He can gently remake us.


God knew how hard it would be to sacrifice

Love isn’t all hearts and roses but tears and I’m sorrys.

God knew. When he put two opposites across

That the collision would require the need for a cross.

Love is patient, love is kind

This kind of love is a hard one to find.

It’s a love that wakes up to your flaws and whispers, “You’ve never looked better.”

A love that puts on Grace as if it’s a sweater.

This kind of love will pass the test of time,

As God’s in the middle of your learning to rhyme.

His love in you filling, spilling over becoming a wellspring.

This living water in you causes your hearts to sing.

Creating a Melody you can’t find elsewhere.

You realize now this opposite is your perfect pair.

You light up when the other walks in the room, as you flirt making ordinary days

Sparked with a flame you keep ablaze.


Marriage can be done exceptionally

When you draw out the best in the other generously.

Dreaming big dreams together this is marriage on purpose.

Your love expands now it’s of service.


Marriage done this way is like an oak tree It’s foundation well rooted creates a covering.

Like the Burr Oak for all to join under its shade Or the Kindred Spirit with its elegance displayed.


They will be called oaks of righteousness a sturdy foundation

Till death do you part, this is love with duration.


Two people thriving together in rhyme,

Two become one, God’s intimate design.


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