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  • Writer's pictureKatie Kemp

New Year, New Word

Like a compass for the new year,

You’ll find words that catch your heart,

Depths that have yet to be understood,


Until the quiet of your stillness

And months of living

Reveal their meanings.

They might travel for miles and miles with you,

Wrapped in stories the whole year through

And then you’ll see why, back then,

they caught you as they did.

So when you hear a word

That sticks up under your ribs, tingling within,

A word dripping with gravity,

Pay attention.

As monarchs know their flight path

Generations before and after

So are you following

Your sacred journey.

Attune your heart

To a knowing beyond yourself,

Asking you to trust a future

Bent toward promises

That the whole of the story is for you,

The whole of the story is good.


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