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Dear Beautiful Soul,

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

When I was a girl, one of my all time favorite summers was spent tumbling and cartwheeling on a gymnastics mat my dad had resourcefully gotten from a high school under construction. I didn’t care that the mat was used, I cared that it gave me the platform to perform my Nadia Comaneci routines. I would spend hours making up dances with the minimal gymnastics I could do. I was so connected to my body, so grounded and free.

I didn’t know this was a luxury to feel that way- careless, unaware of others perceptions, and connected to my own self. When was the last time you felt this way too?

My journey took many different twists and turns; through an eating disorder and an autoimmune disease as well as raising a daughter who is blind that has been teaching me to see. These experiences forced me to pay attention. They invited me into greater forgiveness of myself, and to realize that body, mind and soul are all connected. They invited me to deepen my faith and my connection with God. This blog series highlights stories that helped me along the way into more freedom.

They say freedom begets more freedom, and I dream of a collective of women doing this work together, drawing each other upward. We know deep in our bones that celebrating and being for each other is how we’ll make a change for our daughters, nieces and little girl friends who still know the luxury of being in their bodies. You are here because you are a pioneer, paving the way for them.

DELIGHTED is about our relationship with ourselves as well as with the One greater than ourselves. It will be about beauty, nourishment, reconciliation, delight, radiance, and how it is that we see.

So glad you're here,


Little Katie circa 1988

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Dec 30, 2018

Katie, I am cheering you on as you share all that your heart is stewarding in this reality and redemption of Delight! And yes, I crave it and I am joining you as you bring us to the table of Divine Delight. Shalom, gurl! 😍

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