An invitation to reclaim your radiant beauty.

Accepting your scars, scandalous.

Embracing your flaws, rebellious.

Making peace with your pain, counter-cultural. 

Welcoming your insecurities, true hospitality. 

Loving your whole self right now, as you are, an act of heroism.

This kind of self acceptance is rare to find. We receive messages at every turn to convince us of the ways we're not measuring up. Many of us have internalized the message of "not enough" in every part of our selves- body, mind & soul.  What you'll find here is something much different. This is a place to reclaim your radiant beauty and embolden you as the daughter of delight that you are. Welcome.  


When I was young I would give anything to listen in on the conversations my mom would have with other women sipping coffee sitting at the three-sided, green-leather booth around our kitchen table. They usually talked about deep, honest topics; faith, hardships, triumphs, husbands, pain, raising children, being a woman. They created space for each other to wrestle, grieve, and celebrate what life had to offer.

Their honesty and ache was a doorway for me to see the deeper longings of their hearts. Early on I could sense their truer questions beyond the topics at hand. Questions, for example, if they really had worth beyond their body size or production. I wouldn’t fully understand these questions or the ache until I wrestled with my own. In doing so I encountered Unconditional Love and can't help but share what I've found.  


The booth is where I first became a student of how to be a woman.

Then life gave me many other opportunities to learn.

Through my own eating disorder I learned about loving my body.

Through a loss of a dream I learned to dream bigger.

In Bible school and an internship at a counseling ministry I was given foundational tools to guide me on my journey as well as help guide other women.

I’ve experienced being pregnant before I was married and learned about redemption.

I am mothering a daughter who is blind who has been teaching me to see.

Through the struggle of experiencing an autoimmune disease, I’ve traveled to the depth of my own fragility and learned about the value of a body and health and life.

I’ve been an endless student of podcasts and books on living fully alive.


If I could do anything else with my writing here on this blog, it would be to invite you and I to sit at the booth through these stories.  I hope this feels like an honest refreshment, and creates space enough for you to encounter Divine Love in the truer questions of your own heart.

Welcome brave heart, so glad you're here. 

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